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Research Thesis

Undergraduate B.B.Sc. (Hons.) Ist Class

Year 3 Minor Thesis:
"Scheduled Induced Self Injection of Heroin in Rats: The blocking effects of Naloxone" Supervisor. Pr. G. Singer. Published.

Year 4. (1st Class Honors.)
"Pretreatment Characteristics of Clients in a Therapeutics Community for the Treatment of Drug Dependence: Their Association with Retention and a Descriptive Analysis." Supervisors: Pr. G. Singer and Dr. P. Cook.

Minor Philosophy Thesis. “Different Types of Knowledge. Intuitive Versus Rational Knowledge.”

Postgraduate. Master’s Psychology (Clinical).
"The Acute effects of Alcohol on the Daughters of Alcoholics and Controls: A Search for Mediating Factors in the Predisposition towards Alcoholism." Supervisors. Pr. K. Ng and Pr. G. Singer.


"Report on Client Characteristics and Their Association with Retention at Odyssey House Melbourne." Published by Brain Behavior Research Institute and Department of Psychology LaTrobe University 1983.

Japan Times Article by Angela Jeffs.

Relationships - Western Women and Japanese Men.

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