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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy | Diaphragmatic Breathing | What is a Panic Attack? | What is Depression?

Individual Psychotherapy can be brief or longer term. Brief therapy typically is from 1-15 sessions. A range of approaches are used.

Sessions can focus on a range of problem specific areas such as:

Low Self-Esteem
Anxiety Disorders, Panic Attacks - Diaphragmatic Breathing, What is a Panic Attack?
Depression - Recommended book - Feeling Good by David Burns.
Anger Management
Abuse History - physical, sexual, emotional. Recommended book: The Courage to Heal E. Bass and L. Davis.
Disorders of Body Image and Eating
Recovery Issues
Women’s Issues - Abortion, Adoption, Infertility. Recommended book: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by C. Northrup.
Psychosomatic/Physical Problems - Recommended book: The 20 Minute Break: Using the New Science of Ultradian Rhythms E Rossi PhD.
Cross-Cultural Issues - in the work place, in your marriage or in general.
Biracial, Multiracial Issues. Recommended book: What Are You? Voices of Mixed Race Young People Pearl Fuyo Gaskins.
Relationship Issues – relationship problems, separation/divorce, infidelity. Recommended book: After the Affair Janis Abrahams Spring PhD.
Sexual Problems or Issues - problems with sexual desire, sexual addictions.
Men’s Issues - Anger management, relationships, male survivor. Recommended Book: Victims No Longer Mike Lew.
Family of Origin Issues – dysfunctional families, children of alcoholics.
Codependence - Recommended books: Healing the Shame that Binds You John Bradshaw. Facing Codependence by Pia Mellody.
Career and Work Related Stress, Life Choices – career and life direction
Psychiatric History - Bipolar Disorder. Recommended book: New Hope for People with Bipolar Depression by F. Fawcett , B. Golden and N. Rosenfield.
Personal Growth Work

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