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1. Psychology Tutor - Chisholm Institute of Technology, Department of Applied Psychology, Melbourne, Australia. Full/Time 1984 Part/Time 1985-87
Taught 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students Memory and Learning, Perception, Social Psychology, Philosophy of Science, Occupational Psychology. Practicum and supervision of research projects

2. Casework. Psychological Trainee
(a)West Heidelberg Community Center, May 1985 Dec 1985 (b) LaTrobe University Clinic .March 1985 to Dec 1986. Concurrently undertook 1.5 years of a 2 years training program in Systemic Therapy at (c) Austin Hospital Psychology Department Feb 1986-June 1987.
• Vocational/educational/intellectual assessment of children and adolescents.
• Psychometric testing /projective testing/psychological assessment of adults
• Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Systemic, Structural and Strategic therapies and Psychodynamic therapies of child, adolescent and adult and family problems.
• Group Work: Parenting Skills, Assertion Training,
• Medical Outpatients, Behavioral medicine
• Child In-patient Team.
• Trained to treat a wide range of problems. Sexual abuse/incest- current and survivor, Eating disorders, Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Stealing, Personality Disorders,

3. Community Psychologist (locum) Westgate Community Health Service, Melbourne. F/T June 1987-May 1988
General Community Psychology work and therapy with adolescence, adults 16year-, couples and families.
Treatment of Acute and Chronic Psychiatric Disorders –manic-depression, depression, schizophrenia, suicide risk.
• Psycho-educational groups for people with psychiatric disorders, social skills training.
• Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder

4. Clinical Psychologist (locum) Sunshine Counseling and Community Services, Melbourne. P/T Aug 1988-Feb 1989
• Wide range of community psychology work and therapy.
• Educational assessments/ liaison with schools.
• Chairperson of community team designed to reduce the use of tranquilizers in the community.
• Narrative Therapy with Violent men

5. Clinical Psychologist Community Assessment and Treatment Team (CATT) Royal Park Hospital, Melbourne. P/T Aug 1988-Feb 1989 F/T Feb 1989-Feb 1991.
Home based Psychiatric Crisis team as an alternative to hospitalization for acute and chronic psychiatric disorders. Pilot project, 24hrs/7days/week.
• Psychological assessment and therapy. Family Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Ericksonian Therapy, Strategic Therapy.
• Consultant and trainer for psychiatric team members on various brief therapy approaches.

6. Clinical Psychologist (locum) Bloomsbury Health Authority, London, United Kingdom. F/T/ June 1991-Sep 1991
(a)Consultant to high security ward (b) Ear nose and throat consultant e.g. Tinnitus (c) Community Psychologist

7. Principal Clinical Psychologist West London Health Care Trust, NHS. Ealing, United Kingdom F/T Oct 1991-Feb 1994
Senior Psychologist. Consultant to Multidisciplinary Teams. (a) Inpatient ward, (b) Community mental health team and (b) Outpatient community psychiatric nursing team. Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Family Therapy work.
• Family Therapy work with young men with a Psychiatric Diagnosis.
• Group Therapy- Solution Focused Group for people with Depression.
• Women’s Group.

8. Session Worker (Volunteer) School of Mysticism; Center for Transformation, Pune, India. April 1994-March 1995
Volunteer at a personal development and mediation center in India.

9. Teacher ESL Grandom Academy, Tokyo, Japan. July 1995-June 1997

10. Clinical Psychologist/ Psychotherapist Tokyo, Japan. July 1995-current
• Established private practice providing Clinical Consultation for cross-cultural relationships, cultural adaptation, anxiety disorders, depression, sexual problems, history of abuse, work related stress/career issues, relationship issues, family problems, addictions and personal growth work.
• Offering brief and long term Psychotherapy, NLP/Hypnotherapy, Alchemical Approaches and Family/Systemic therapy to older children, adolescents, adults and couples.
• Community consultation, linking resources and referral.
• EAP referrals
• Community seminars and workshops
• Organizing conferences, professional development seminars and training opportunities for professionals in English in Japan.
• Assisting in the establishment of a professional organization for international therapists in Japan. IMHPJ. VP/Conference organizer 1998,1999, 2000. President 2001 to current.

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